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Health Canada utilizes the expertise of qualified scientific experts in support of its review functions and in advisory capacities as part of its scientific advisory panels and committees. In order to generate, screen and maintain an ongoing pool of experts, the Department must collect demographic, educational/scientific qualifications and security information about these individuals. Section 4 of the Department of Health Act provides the authority for the Department to collect this personal information. Only staff within the Department on a need-to-know basis will have access to this information.

Failure to provide all the necessary information to assess the suitability of individuals, may disqualify them from being considered as a potential consultant or as a scientific advisor or member of a scientific advisory panel or committee for the Department. The individual to whom the information pertains has a right of access to, correction of and protection of their personal information under the Privacy Act. This collection is described in a Personal Information Bank named "HC PPU 409 Scientific Review and Evaluation Experts" and registered under number 20110541 in the federal publication Info Source. For further information on any aspect of this privacy notice, please contact Janet Brunette within Health Canada at 613-948-7541.

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